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D'Artagnan Bison Ribeye Steak w/2 Sides
  • D'Artagnan Bison Ribeye Steak w/2 Sides

    Bison is a nutrient-dense and lean red meat with a deeper flavor than beef. Paired with green string beans and quinoa. Protein accounts for about half of the calories in rib eye steak. Fat constitutes the other half of rib eye steak's calories. A serving of rib eye steak offers 239 percent of the adult male recommended daily intake for vitamin B12. 


    • 100% pasture-raised with access to grain and hay
    • No hormones or antibiotics, ever
    • Low in fat, calories and cholesterol

      194 Calories

      3.7 Grams of fat

      37.5 Grams of protein

      5.4 MG Iron


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